Have you ever wished for a better way to use Salesforce on your Mac, iPhone or iPad?You've come to the right place.

Works on All Your Things

Makes your Salesforce information (Contacts, Accounts, Tasks and Events) available directly in native applications on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, or whichever device you choose.

Easy to Set Up

Just sign up for an account and enter your account details into the settings on your device. That’s it.

Use the Apps You Love

Use the native Mac and iPhone applications (Mail, Contacts, Messages, Calendar and Reminders) as well as popular third party apps like BusyCal and Fantastical.

Great for Mobile Users

syncbuddy.net works even when you’re not in the office with your PC on.If you’re out of the office and someone updates a contact, you get the changes. No plugin required. No sync required.

Works the Way it Should

Receive an incoming phone call and caller ID will work properly. Write a new email, your Salesforce contacts will all be there. Want to send a text message using Messages – it’ll work just fine.

Gets Out of Your Way

Focus on being productive rather than updating Salesforce. Using native apps means you just work the way you always would: update contact details; send emails; check your calendar; check off tasks that are done. No extra work. No hassle.

Mac and iPhone Features

Works with Siri. Set up reminders, send messages, check off tasks. All work as expected. Works with Notifications: reminders for your tasks and appointments work the same as normal.

Uses Open Standards

What this really means: you can use any device you want (provided it supports the standards). No additional charges or setup required.

Great for IT departments

No need to roll out plugins, server infrastructure or set up cloud sync services. No need to give credentials to a third party. No issues with compatibility for version updgrades.